My animator roomate and I were talking about our three cats.

And this happened.

There is a plot.   And we think we want to make a short out of this.

Crash = Strung out, non-neutered anorexic.
Frank = Tuxedo wearing, serious fat cat.
Ollie = Female, fluffy, cheerleader bimbo.

And yes, my two cats on the right were named after Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston.

:D  The idea is great too.  I SO want to animate them now.


CTN Animation Expo

Well, what can I say?

It was amazing.

Sketches are always better.  :)

I got to meet a few of my living idols such as Don Bluth, Gary Goldman, James Baxter, and Tony Bancroft.

I got to see Eric Goldberg and Tom Sito again.

I met some new awesome people, all from the industry.  Handed out business cards, in the hopes that maybe someone will like what they see.

I DO need to upload more, though.   It's serious at this point.

Myself and the people I was with had always been wary of LA.  This was an unjustified fear.  LA is no different from any other place.  The people there were nice, and in some ways, even nicer than the people in San Francisco.  (We WERE in Burbank).  The weather was (once again) beautiful the whole time we were there, and there was plenty to do locally.  We even found an awesome bar called The Office.

And going there, and being surrounded by other people just like us, and so many industry was home.  It was just a convention.  But it was home for three days.

Point being, I'm more inspired than I ever have been in my life.

Tonight, my roomate and I had a Disney marathon (kinda), and watched Emperor's New Groove, then followed by Treasure Planet.  We sketched characters from the movie while it was playing, trying as hard as possible to keep them on model and do it quickly and proficiently.

It was a fun excercise.

I found it so neat watching Kronk animated too, after Tony Bancroft showed us so many demos with him!!!!!


Life is so good right now.  There isn't anything else for me in the world.

Now I gots to prove it.



Some figure work. :)

Simba Walk

A quadruped walking across a log...

Who really resembles Simba from Disney's "The Lion King."

^_^ 'Cos it is.

And Some More...

And on the topic of story panels, here are some music inspired ones.

Went to a Porcupine Tree concert, and had a great time.

So I tried drawing some of the band in a 16:9 aspect ratio!!!

Story Panels

Some of my story panels!!!

These characters are my own.

And some more...these are not sequential.

I love storyboarding so much!!!!

Shark Week 2009

I participated in Shark Week this year.
Here are some of the many drawings.


There were a ton of others, but I put colors in these, and liked them the most.


I felt like painting. :)

This was inspired by a local graffiti artist in San Francisco.

Gouache and colored pencils.

Stop Motion

For years I've had an interest in stop motion.

Always wanted to pursue it, but it's hard to do without a studio.

The Durability Test of my rig.

And he DID survive the film.

Here is the same creature, in a paper stop motion test.

Paper animation is so awesome. I can't even stress it enough.

Here is a second stop motion excerpt from my film....

I love this character so much!!!!!!

Faces. Portaits. More Charcoal.

On the previous topic of portraits, here are three others.

These are quick hour drawings.

And my Tyler, downward view, watching Lost.

I love him. :) :) :)

Ink Wash Me.

Self Portrait with Inkwash.

Charcoal and ink!

Cat Skeleton.

The last post reminded me of a project I started this summer.

I was lucky enough to find a perfectly preserved skeleton of a young cat.

Unfortunately, this is as far as I got with its assembly. I need to figure out a base to put it on, and figure out how to reinforce it and wire it.

What amazing reference!


I wanted to do a study of a cat skeleton. I love Osteology.

The cat here was an Abyssinian.

The cat render. Intos Tablet, Photoshop.

I liked it. :) Drawing kitties is what I like to do.


Border Collies

Border Collies!!! :) :) :)

I tried really hard to get the anatomy right in this one.

Skeletons are so much fun to draw!

And then the render. Done with intuos tablet on Photoshop!

Some life Studies....A border collie and a miniature Australian Sheppard.

A quick pencil test trying to follow the strange movements of my border collie Brigit. She has a very peculiar run, as she doesn't really bob her head, and the only things moving are her legs.

Border collies are weird. Brigit is almost always rigid. Especially while she is "working."

(She has a career in 'ball getting.')

And the inspiration. :)

Finn (Top) and Brigit (Bottom)


I want to animate these guys. :D

Platypi are seriously the coolest creatures ever. Especially when in cool colors.

Prisma Markers.

3D Dialogue Test

A quick dialogue study. Trying to figure out blend shapes for the first time.

Now I have to figure out how to rig the head!!!!

Dialogue : David Cross, Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind.


Yellow Snake

More Lovelies. I guess I'm inspired by Atlantis somehow.

Oh well, the snake's cool.

More to come tonight, I upload some of my figure drawings.

When you're trained to draw the figure first, you put that drawing down, and before you put the clothes on, realize that you're about to alter a perfectly good figure drawing.

I end up calling a lot of my nude drawings finished.

This one in particular is prisma/construction paper.


Pepe Le Pew Film

Here's some rough animation!!!!!

Pepe Le Pew needs to stay away from mirrors.

Break one, and it's a lot of bad luck!


San Francisco Zoo Drawings 01

Life Drawings from the San Francisco zoo.

Lions, Peacocks, Penguins, Kangaroos and Rhinos.

It's sometimes easier to pick a few animals a day instead of trying to draw every single one.

Going back for some more animal drawing tomorrow!!!

Spring 2009 Sketchbook Winners

Sketchbook Drawings done from Late March to May 2009:

Some of the best from my mini sketchbook. Most of these are just simple doodles, but no matter, sometimes simple drawings can be really appealing.

There's just something about curves. It's no wonder why you see more women portrayed in drawing than men. No offense, guys.

Colored pencil, prisma marker

Dinosaur drawings.

It's amusing to mash up different species.

Brontasaurus Rexes and Tybrontasaurus Rexes are always fun to look at.

Or at least say.

I would like to do some drawings of the Dinocephalosaurus...the swimming dinosaur.

Frank and Ollie.

Amusement, Inspiration, Friends.

A few more at a later date.

Sep the Warrier Dreadlock Woman....

Her name will be Sep for some reason.

This was just a class doodle, but there is potential in her character design.

There were only two colored pencils available at the time, and that's why she looks goth. Next run, she won't.


Sutro Tower

Quick illustration from my balcony.

This be Sutro Tower and Twin Peaks of San Francisco.

On particular nights, the fog swirls around this tower and it looks like an alien mother ship coming in to take over Earth.

Fog is hardly ever that swirly, but every once and a while, the lighting is just like so. Oranges and blues. It's so beautiful.

Did the quick study with Micron pens, then put in the blue flats with Prisma markers, then blended with a few oranges and reds. Then went over it with some white pastel.

Mixed Mediums is fun.



A drawing of an ocelot.

These guys are really neat to draw. They have a wonderful nose and very round eyes.

Their mouths also go back toward their cheeks. It's very reminiscent of a Chuck Jones smirk.

I would love to draw these more often, if not for the spots. This was a twenty minute drawing, which is normally the longest I want to spend on a render. Spots are implied, so that's good enough for me!

Toned Blue Paper, red prismacolor pencil, White charcoal, black 6 B charcoal on 18X24.




I'm finally going to get this blog up and going.

3/4 through my third year at school, and I don't even have a real site yet.

As of April 2009, I am still 22 years old, a college student studying traditional/classic/2D animation, a San Franciscan (with a Pennsylvanian upbringing), an animal lover, and a lurker who doesn't have many social outings.

I present my logo, and not much else.

Real art will follow this entry.

All other personal posts will be made on my other blog, which I will not give out the URL/Link.

All posts made here will be professional and animation/art related.