Sep the Warrier Dreadlock Woman....

Her name will be Sep for some reason.

This was just a class doodle, but there is potential in her character design.

There were only two colored pencils available at the time, and that's why she looks goth. Next run, she won't.


Sutro Tower

Quick illustration from my balcony.

This be Sutro Tower and Twin Peaks of San Francisco.

On particular nights, the fog swirls around this tower and it looks like an alien mother ship coming in to take over Earth.

Fog is hardly ever that swirly, but every once and a while, the lighting is just like so. Oranges and blues. It's so beautiful.

Did the quick study with Micron pens, then put in the blue flats with Prisma markers, then blended with a few oranges and reds. Then went over it with some white pastel.

Mixed Mediums is fun.



A drawing of an ocelot.

These guys are really neat to draw. They have a wonderful nose and very round eyes.

Their mouths also go back toward their cheeks. It's very reminiscent of a Chuck Jones smirk.

I would love to draw these more often, if not for the spots. This was a twenty minute drawing, which is normally the longest I want to spend on a render. Spots are implied, so that's good enough for me!

Toned Blue Paper, red prismacolor pencil, White charcoal, black 6 B charcoal on 18X24.




I'm finally going to get this blog up and going.

3/4 through my third year at school, and I don't even have a real site yet.

As of April 2009, I am still 22 years old, a college student studying traditional/classic/2D animation, a San Franciscan (with a Pennsylvanian upbringing), an animal lover, and a lurker who doesn't have many social outings.

I present my logo, and not much else.

Real art will follow this entry.

All other personal posts will be made on my other blog, which I will not give out the URL/Link.

All posts made here will be professional and animation/art related.