When the inspiration hits, you must hold onto it and nurture that for as long as possible!
Draw, baby, draw!

Anways.   I wanted to show off a current W.I.P.

I'm in the process of writing a 22 page comic book.   MY FIRST ONE!  YEAHHHH!

I am tremendously happy to finally be DOING IT.

These are my thumbnails for the first act.

Like a mad evil genius, I too, will stroke my non-amused cat and laugh maniacally.

Done posting for today.  I promise.


I have always admired my three border collies.  They belong to the family of my boyfriend.  Yes, they are all insane, they each have strange little quirks, and they are quite a handful 100% of the time. 

But they are wonderful creatures, and good friends.  Before you look any further, here are my dogs.

I've fallen in love with the breed, naturally living with them for so long.   Yet, I've rarely drawn them.  Drawing border collies from life is difficult, if not impossible.  They are gestural, blurry streaks on the lawn.  They only ever stop moving when they are asleep.

I spent the majority of my night drawing Border Collies.

I started out trying to do quick gestures.  Different dogs were used for reference here.

I've always felt jipped that there are very few borders in animation.  The only one I can think of is the Border Collie in Rover Dangerfield.  I realize now that it's because they're pretty complex.

I tried to do some character sketches, determining head shapes, eyes and muzzles for the males and females.  I like how these came out.

This came later on in the night after I had warmed up.  
These are some cartoon designs I came up with.  
I think that the left is the most simplified, but I like the one on the right the most.

Lastly, a couple sketches of Finn and Brooke. 
Brigit has a funny attention phobia.  
She hides from both cameras AND sketchbooks.
Needless to say, I didn't draw her this time.

She'll get over it.  :)
Enjoy, lovelies!


Blue Jays

I think blue jays are awesome.

This was part of my drawing-a-day attempt.

I'd say these guys are between 20-30 mins each. I wasn't as fast today.

I blew out all of my early energy on this:

Don't ask me why. I think it's a seal crossed with a mermaid, crossed with a unicorn.

It just happens sometimes.


Non-Derpy Birds

Hey all, long time no update.

Most of my work I can't show on here, and little of it I refine.

I have sketchbook full of quickstudies and thumbnails, yet I would feel strange uploading them here.

Anyways, I realize that I've gotten too comfortable with pencil and paper, and I really should be expanding my horizons a little bit, and working digitally AS WELL as traditionally.

So I'm going to try and upload a drawing every day or two. Quick things. Quick but good things.

I felt like drawing some birds today, since I'm more partial to mammals.

The bird on the bottom is the one that I failed to draw quickly, because I was so fascinated with it. It exists, and it's called an Amherst Pheasant.

They are SO crazy looking!!

The top two are really fast drawings. 10 mins at the most.

Anyways, glad to be back!