Linacal Run Cycle

I felt like uploading a rough test!!!

This is for a video game level I am creating right now. Picture something like the Lion King Game for Super Nintendo.

Hand animated character sprites, and lush backgrounds.

I was going to inbetween this, but I suppose for a small character sprite, this is more than enough! This character will also have a jump and stationary sprite. And eventually, it will be vicious and have the ability to attack stuff!

All in a day's work. The tail, and facial features/cleanup/color within the next week.

Basically, she's running for her life while carrying two kits in her mouth, and it's raining and scary outside. Woooo!!!!

My first big cat run cycle. I think it looks awesome for a first timer!


How To Train Your Dragon

I promise to keep fanart and copywritten content to an absolute minimum here, but I will admit, I have also been bitten by the Dragon bug.

This is a serious condition, as I've been reading up on it and seeing it plastered all over blogs, Facebook and Deviant Art.  Non-stop Fanart of Dreamwork's "How To Train Your Dragon."

But I understand now.

That movie was incredible.  I no longer resent that I may eventually turn to 3-D animation, because this movie showed me what I needed to see.  I felt like a kid again; I have returned over and over to the theater to see this movie.  Purchased the soundtrack, went to McDonalds for a Toothless toy.

Best movie I have seen in years.  My favorite 3-D movie so far, and I think that's saying a lot.

So here, before I ramble too much...

Toothless.  The show stopper, the cutest thing I have ever seen.

And I Viking'd myself heavily influencing the drawing based on artist Nicolas Marlet's individual style.

He is a huge inspiration.  And I'd love to draw like this more.

T-Square is my sword, Animation Disk is my shield.  I thought it was cute and creative.
I guess that's all for now.   Seen the movie three times now.   That number will increase, I'm sure.

Off to animate!