Spring 2009 Sketchbook Winners

Sketchbook Drawings done from Late March to May 2009:

Some of the best from my mini sketchbook. Most of these are just simple doodles, but no matter, sometimes simple drawings can be really appealing.

There's just something about curves. It's no wonder why you see more women portrayed in drawing than men. No offense, guys.

Colored pencil, prisma marker

Dinosaur drawings.

It's amusing to mash up different species.

Brontasaurus Rexes and Tybrontasaurus Rexes are always fun to look at.

Or at least say.

I would like to do some drawings of the Dinocephalosaurus...the swimming dinosaur.

Frank and Ollie.

Amusement, Inspiration, Friends.

A few more at a later date.

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