CTN Animation Expo

Well, what can I say?

It was amazing.

Sketches are always better.  :)

I got to meet a few of my living idols such as Don Bluth, Gary Goldman, James Baxter, and Tony Bancroft.

I got to see Eric Goldberg and Tom Sito again.

I met some new awesome people, all from the industry.  Handed out business cards, in the hopes that maybe someone will like what they see.

I DO need to upload more, though.   It's serious at this point.

Myself and the people I was with had always been wary of LA.  This was an unjustified fear.  LA is no different from any other place.  The people there were nice, and in some ways, even nicer than the people in San Francisco.  (We WERE in Burbank).  The weather was (once again) beautiful the whole time we were there, and there was plenty to do locally.  We even found an awesome bar called The Office.

And going there, and being surrounded by other people just like us, and so many industry was home.  It was just a convention.  But it was home for three days.

Point being, I'm more inspired than I ever have been in my life.

Tonight, my roomate and I had a Disney marathon (kinda), and watched Emperor's New Groove, then followed by Treasure Planet.  We sketched characters from the movie while it was playing, trying as hard as possible to keep them on model and do it quickly and proficiently.

It was a fun excercise.

I found it so neat watching Kronk animated too, after Tony Bancroft showed us so many demos with him!!!!!


Life is so good right now.  There isn't anything else for me in the world.

Now I gots to prove it.

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