Story Panels

Some of my story panels!!!

These characters are my own.

And some more...these are not sequential.

I love storyboarding so much!!!!

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Baron said...

i like the last one a lot. I like all the open space between the images. it makes me work to tie them together and while I do, I find more and more information in the execution of character and environment expression. Very Nice.

In the first set, why did you include the arrow in the last frame? This single bit of compositional intrusion seems out of place to me. Leaves me looking for what you are trying to say beyond the simple expression of the characters decision to leave. I can see they are further into the water. but why an arrow, almost commanding that they go. As if no matter the consequence, it must be this way. that this direction is the direction they will go. As an artist, typing out my comment, I start to see (maybe) what you were going for as a whole with the arrow. I've lived with that arrow over me, my whole life.