Cat Nab Production - 01

Been working on my film..... Here is some of my character development.

It's based on a true story about a young girl stealing a kitten from its mother, and then realizing the consequences a wee bit too late.

Since this is my first real film, I had the roughest time trying to settle on a story. Long before the film class started, I tried boarding a sequence or two to try and find something with a strong enough story, and something fairly possible to animate.

My first idea was of from an aboriginal tale about where the platypus came from. It involved a duck who got kidnapped by a water rat. She escaped, and then laid eggs weeks later. What came of it was the platypus! It was a little suggestive in story, and I couldn't get the length down to less than 3 minutes.



There was another idea based on an Aesop's Fable about the Stag and His Reflection. It involved very detailed deer and lion anatomy, not to mention, a big technical issue of how to animate detailed antlers stuck in a tree.


I was frustrated. I was telling my mom about this, how I didn't want to just "make something up," I wanted to base it off something, a real story. I know my strengths and strong stories is just not one of them.

My mom didn't even have to think. She said, "Why don't you make a movie about the time you stole that kitten...."

The rest is history.

Here's some character development....along with Character Design concepts. The top left is the finalized character design.


 Various Layouts: 

For my own security, I'm going to take this down in a week or so.

But uploading it for now so you all can check it out.

This is the first sequence.

So yeah.  Cat Nab.

Bring it on!!!!

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