Bat Cave (Pt. 1)

Our breakroom at work used to be stupid.   

We're talking, a slapped on strange dark blue color (poorly painted) with no matching colors, spaces of white poking out of everywhere.  It was dark, it was gloomy, and no one liked it.

My caring bosses have given me full creative responsibility to paint this breakroom however I want it.  I design it, get paid to paint it, they supply the orders.   (Granted, supply orders are low low budget, but that doesn't matter)

The only disclaimer is that I do not put a "likeness" to any particular real life person, or especially employee of my company.  I do not display brand logos or point anything that may occur in real life out. 

That being said, there have been two inside jokes at my work for years. 

1.)  When it's slow in the summer and we need more business, whomever is "punished" has to "wear the yeti suit and dance outside."    There IS no yeti suit, and such a thing doesn't exist.  But it's somehow still a threat.

(Old art, Circa 2008)

2.)  Management was once assigned to read a particular book titled the "Energy Bus."  The weeks that followed consisted of many silly drawings of "energy" creatures.   The one that stuck was the energy bat.

(Old art, circa 2009)

With these explanations, here is the WIP of my first ever mural project!

The bat cave is in chalkboard paint.   :)
More progress to come in the near-future!

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