I did this series a few months ago for a Mythology class...the object was to write an essay, but luckily in Art School relevant drawings are also appreciated.   Drawings in sequence, my take on the creation myth of Eurynome and Ophion (Pelasgians).

Born naked from primordial Chaos, Eurynome was the goddess of all things.

Since Eurynome had no where to stand, she first starts to dance, and this creates the sea
and sky. From her sphere, water pools beneath her, and vapors raise above her.  A great wind swirled behind her, getting faster and faster, until visible.


As the north wind swirled behind her, she seized it in her hands.  Eurynome started to roll the wind between her palms in such a way that it started to take the form of a serpent.
Once the serpent had become living, she named him Ophion.

Eurynome continued to dance (it is said to keep herself warm), and as Ophion watched her, he
felt lustful. Joining her in her dance, he coiled himself around her and made love to her as she
danced. Now impregnated, Eurynome transformed herself into a dove and brooded on the waves
where she would later lay the universal egg.

My thoughts on this:  SCIENCE!!!!!!!

But the drawings were fun to do.

Oh, and tools used, regular paper, marker, colored pencils.  All thanks to the Prismacolor! 

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